our mission

Escola Concept offers an academically rigorous, challenging, inclusive, global education designed to develop happy and thoughtful human beings who positively impact the world we live in. The school's program is designed to nurture the dispositions of lifelong learners who collaborate to co-create, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, understand the meaning of living sustainably, and are globally and digitally fluent. Learners apply habits of mind to their daily actions, use the language of thinking to communicate, and understand the elements of design thinking to problem solve and innovate. Learning is facilitated and assessed through relevant, project-based experiences. Upon graduation learners will be prepared for their university of choice in Brazil, or elsewhere around the world.



Escola Concept currently welcomes children from Toddlers 1 to Grade 11, as it started the High School Program in 2021.
Our divisions encompass Early Years (Toddlers 1 - Grade 1), Lower School (Grade 2 - Grade 5), Middle School (Grade 6 - Grade 9) and High School (Grade 10 - Grade 12). Each of them are Led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of principals / coordinators, counselors, a team of educators and specialists. Click on the images below to further explore our divisions!


Toddlers 1 - Grade 1


Grade 2 - Grade 5


Grade 6 - Grade 9


Grade 10 - Grade 12

Additional Information


Escola Concept, as a Brazilian international bilingual school, follows a southern hemisphere calendar in which the school year begins in February and ends in December. Our winter vacation break happens within the month of July, while the summer vacation break happens during the months of December and January.


The world is rapidly changing and education needs to keep up with these transformations, preparing children and young adults for their future. Therefore, Escola Concept follows the Brazilian National Curriculum Guidelines and has selected the most integrated, relevant, meaningful, and purposeful international curriculum: Fieldwork Education.


The day starts at 7:50 a.m. for all of our learners - from Toddlers 1 to Grade 9 and the regular school day ends at 3:30 p.m.
For Toddlers 1 and Toddlers 2, our youngest ones, we have the additional option of ending their day at 12:00 p.m.

professional development

We are a community of lifelong learners!

This goes beyond the development of our learners and our educational team. At Escola Concept lifelong learning is offered for the greater community and includes our families, our staff and our leadership team.