Before the opening of Escola Concept in 2017 in the cities of Ribeirão Preto and Salvador, and in São Paulo in 2018, educators and executives of Grupo SEB visited various countries searching for the world's best references to create the basis of a truly innovative school. They travelled to Singapore, Finland, United States, England, Australia, Switzerland, to name a few.
Upon returning to Brazil, besides investing modern and safe spaces, Grupo SEB invited some of the talents they met along the journey to join the Concept team. It was the beginning of a network of international contacts that presently collaborate with our school. One of these collaboration formates is offered in the form of Professional Development opportunities for the team of educators.

The importance of being part of an international collaborative network proved to be even greater during the Covid-19 pandemic. solving complex challenges and thinking innovatively happens through intense collaboration. over the past months Escola Concept invested in weekly talks with our network of specialists from all around the world.

Join us in this innovative journey and find some of our inspirations below!

People that inspire us


Head of Education Development Services Helsinki, Finland
"What is the very essential thing that I believe is the reason that we need schools for the future? And the answer is for the education of social-emotional skills."


Researcher and founder of The Institute for the Habits of Mind, USA
“I think the school is doing a remarkable job with the Habits of Mind. I see them everywhere!"


Author and research fellow at Harvard University, USA
The world does not care about what you know. What employers care about, what the world cares about, is what you can do with what you know."


Designer and entrepreneur, NoTosh, UK
If something is not possible, the best question you would ask back is why not?"


Co-author of Making Thinking Visible, Project Zero research, Harvard University, USA
For classrooms to be rich learning spaces, schools should be places rich in reflection by those who are leading the learning.


Associate Head of School, North Broward Preparatory School, USA
“I was delighted to further enhance the culture of thinking of Escola Concept presenting a workshop on the thinking maps"


Research professor at Boston College Lynch School of Education, USA
For parents in the search of the right school, I suggest you ask yourselves: What do you think is the purpose of a school?"


Educator and Mindfulness expert, USA
You should develop an emotional emergency plan for yourself."


Head of Google for Education Latin America, Brazil
Technology is a great ally to provide efficiency, agility, and generate engagement."

places that inspire us

The inspiration for such a transformative school started with a plethora of school visits to educational institutions worldwide. Seattle, Los Angeles, Lugano, Helsinki, and Singapore, were some of the locations visited to inspire change in the Brazilian education system.

Each location highlighted a specific aspect of education and what it represented within the context of developing lifelong learners.


The Head of Education Development Services spoke to us about the importance of cross-disciplinary thinking and of developing problem-solving networks. Rethinking the education system to align with the needs of society is fundamental in today's world. Teaching in a system where the teacher had the key to all the knowledge no longer works in today's world, where access to information is at everyone's disposal. Learners have to have their individual opportunities to learn, which are to be catered to their needs depending on where they are in their developmental processes.


This visit to Islandwood in Washington State brought awareness to flexible learning spaces with a focus on community partnerships and active engagement with the environment. When this visit was translated to Escola Concept’s academic strategic plan, it integrated the entirety of our three campuses to our immediate and surrounding community and to the proposed curricular projects.


The Muse school brought the inspiration of what is meant by integrated learning. The initial stage of the process of project-based learning develops from curiosities and big understandings. The combination of content areas forms an interconnected web of competencies where the areas of arts, humanities, languages, math, and science come together to develop an interconnected relationship among content, knowledge, and skills.


TASIS and College du Leman combined the idea of having highly committed and talented educators focused on student learning up to the process of developing educators fit to make the most informed decisions to support learners. The focus is on developing multiple pathways for learners to achieve deeper levels of understanding.


Developing learners to confront uncertainties and adapt to changes was the essence of what we learned during the visit to multiple schools in Singapore. The philosophy of learning through play to develop autonomy, social-emotional well-being, confidence, authentic learning experiences, and creative thinkers supported Concept as it developed its academic philosophy.

The multi-destination trip inspired us to bring together the most talented group of educational leaders, inspirational educators, and dynamic professionals to welcome your children to a contextualized multidisciplinary learning environment where ideas are translated into outcomes to develop action-oriented projects that will impact our interconnected global society.