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If we want to develop a new generation with new skills and competencies for the future we need to rethink education

Marjo Kyllonen

Head of the Helsinki Development Services Unit at
Finland, in a talk to Educators and Parents at Concept.

Schools are often obsessed about grades, achievement and university entrance, but, in order to do well in life, kids need more, they need a whole set of attitudes

Guy Claxton

British author and researcher, at the
Conference of Thinking in Miami 2018

When I was a child some of the things that made school fun was art project, woodworking and sewing… It's just so important to have kids doing hands on activities to learn!

Temple Grandin

Researcher about autism and learning, at the
Conference of Thinking, in Miami 2018

Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences

Howard Gardner

American psychologist, founder
of Harvard Project Zero

To inspire teachers to re-imagine education, we need to dignify teacher as role models

Vishal Talreja

Co-founder of Dream a Dream, Indian NGO,
at the Conference of Thinking, in Miami 2018

If we want to support students in learning, and we believe that learning is a product of thinking, then we need to be clear about what it is we are trying to support. What kinds of mental activity are we trying to encourage in our students, colleagues and friends?

Mark Church

Author of Making Thinking Visible, that keeps a longstanding
relation to guide practices for teaching for understanding at CONCEPT

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