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Grade Placement

Escola Concept follows a southern hemisphere calendar in which the school year begins in February and ends in December.

Our learners come from a variety of school systems and calendar years. To simplify the process for parents, please refer to the table below so that you have an idea of where your child would place when correlating age to grade level.

In all cases, final enrollment and grade placement are subject to evaluation of the complete process by our Enrollment Team.

Ensuring that learners are placed in the most accurate grade level is our main goal. Escola Concept will take into consideration the analysis of previous academic success verified by school records, age, previous grade level placement, maturity (physical and social development), academic achievement, school attendance, and consistent educational experience. Once learners are enrolled, our educational team will observe them to make sure their grade placement is the most appropriate.

Escola Concept carefully reviews all academic records and communicates with the previous school as needed. To learn more about our admission process access Our Process page.