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At Escola Concept, we proudly celebrate the inaugural graduating class of 2023, who have embarked on a transformative journey marked by academic excellence. As we reflect on the achievements of our learners, it is impossible not to be inspired by their remarkable university approvals! The diversity of universities they have been accepted to reflects the broad spectrum of talents and ambitions within the graduating class – from prestigious local institutions to renowned international ones, such as Southern Oregon University,  Istituto Europeo di Design, Escola Bahiana de Medicina, and much more.

Each university approval represents a door opening to endless possibilities and a future brimming with potential. Our curriculum, designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a global perspective, has empowered learners to excel not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals ready to face the complexities of the world.  One important channel to achieve that is through our Innovation Diploma and the exclusive partnership between Escola Concept and High, an innovative high school located on the Oracle campus in Silicon Valley. The Innovation diploma foment an innovation mindsets based on initiative, persistence and design thinking skills. Learn all about Escola Concept’s diplomas and their significance to our learners’ academic journeys.

Our learners are not just leaving the school with diplomas; they are leaving with a profound understanding of their potential and setting the stage for a legacy of excellence that will inspire generations to come.

Throughout my journey, my greatest triumph was learning to believe in myself and recognizing my ability to achieve my dreams. - Marcela F., 2023 Graduate Escola Concept Salvador

marcela was Approved in:

  • Biomedical Engineering at the American Academy (PUC-PR / Kent State University)
  • Computer Science at Southern Oregon University
  • International Foundation in Science and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Mechanical Engineering at UCSAL and UNIFACS 

2023 College Admissions