Grade 10 - Grade 12

Lifelong learning is at the core of our educational philosophy. Therefore, the Concept High School program offers the learners a continuity of the methodology that was present in the previous segments, where the student is at the center of learning and teaching is integrated through projects. The formation is bilingual, consisting of English and Portuguese. Mandarin is taught as a 3rd language in São Paulo, while Spanish is offered in Ribeirão Preto and Salvador.

Concept's curriculum follows the academic content guidelines of the BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular), and is integrated with other proposals that focus on the development of global citizenship; social engagement and intercultural skills. Thinking about university and life preparation, learners will have the opportunity to get three international diplomas to enhance their portfolio: the Global Citizen Diploma, the AP Capstone Diploma, and the Innovation Diploma, in partnership with D-Tech High School.  Want to know how families see their adolescent's growth? Watch here!

We welcome you to learn more about Escola Concept's proposal! Tours happen daily, through scheduled visits.