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Early Years: we are explorers

School for children aged 1 to 6 is a world to be explored! Every day, Early Years learners, our EXPLORERS, are welcomed in learning spaces organized into different inquiry stations, that are connected to their investigation journeys. This careful routine reflects practices rooted in intentional play, meaningful relationships, multi-sensorial experiences, deep contact with nature, and a personalized approach to the learning process, that is made visible through pedagogical documentation. The educator speaks in English 90% of the time, but their main mission is to actively listen: listen to transform the learners' curiosity into proposals that are both fun and challenging, and much more. 

We understand that Early Years Education represents a period in the child's life where multiple connections are being made along with synaptic expansions, which will generate decisive moral and intellectual gains. For this reason, we go beyond teaching English by immersion. Interacting with young children is both exciting and inspiring! Supported by active listening and the Habits of Mind, which offer moral guidelines for children to coexist and develop positive attitudes, our team creates an environment of love, respect, care, and joy. Our main goal is to cultivate joyful children who love coming to school and being a part of our community.

Besides good memories and friends, having a lifelong learning attitude is the best a child can take from Escola Concept! Join us on this journey of creativity and innovation!


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