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Athletics: Get to know our culture of sportsmanship

Escola Concept School's Athletic Program offers a variety of sports options to all grade levels, starting from Pre-K3. We understand the importance of promoting physical activities and healthy lifestyles from an early age. Participating in sports can help learners develop essential skills like teamwork, leadership, and discipline.


Our Athletic Program offers a range of sports activities catering to our learners' diverse interests and abilities. We have age-appropriate sports programs for younger learners that focus on developing fundamental motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. As learners progress through the grades, they can participate in a broader range of sports, including Basketball, Handball, Futsal, and Volleyball.

Our sports programs are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all learners, regardless of their experience or skill level. Sports should be a fun and rewarding experience for all learners, and we strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment.

In addition to our sports programs, we provide learners with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that complement their interests and talents. These activities may include music, art, drama, student-led clubs, academic enrichment programs, and amongst other opportunities.

We are excited to offer a comprehensive Athletic Program that provides our learners with a well-rounded education that includes physical fitness and character development.

We look forward to watching our learners grow and thrive as they participate in our sports programs and extracurricular activities.