Escola Concept offers an academically rigorous, challenging, inclusive, global education designed to develop happy and thoughtful human beings who positively impact the world we live in.  

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The school's program is designed to nurture the dispositions of lifelong learners who collaborate to co-create, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, understand the meaning of living sustainably, and are globally and digitally fluent.

Concept recognizes that children need to learn how to be responsible risk takers, and how to become architects of their journeys, while developing their knowledge, skills, and understandings. Our campus offers just the right environment for this to happen - a safe and nurturing setting, where children gain confidence to dialogue, make decisions, learn through their mistakes, and persist through problems and obstacles.


Finding humor, seeking joy, exploring wonderment, experiencing awe, and making connections, are habits that Concept intentionally focuses on to equip our learners to be lifelong explorers, discovers, inventors, and creators, in a fast paced and fast changing world.