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Our Campuses



Escola Concept São Paulo, located in a historic building owned by a religious school for 50 years, is the definition of what education reinvented looks like. While it was entirely preserved on the outside, the inside has been transformed into newly renovated learning spaces, made up of flexible furnishings that can adapt to any learning purpose and setting. Walls are retractable, there are no individual tables, but collaborative group workstations and technology is accessible through many tools, including one iPad per learner.   

Sustainable materials were used to renovate the gardens that sprawl over 5,000 square meters where native species, such as Pau-Brasil, inhabit the area in our own botanical garden, the MINDFULNESS GARDEN. Among our learners' favorite spaces are the treehouse, the Innovation Commons (Maker Space), the Inspiration Commons (or Library) and the Skate Park, where kids like to slide and play. 

Let's get on the way to learning, exploration, and joy! We are committed to transforming education. Your partnership is essential so that we can make a difference.

Priscila Torres
Head of School Escola Concept São Paulo




At Escola Concept Ribeirão Preto, learning spaces reflect and foster the learning process, with furniture that allows collaboration, retractable walls that connect spaces bringing flexibility, tools, and technology that allows new discoveries, and many toys, books, and resources to spark creativity and imagination.

Early Education learning spaces have individual bathrooms and a sensorial garden. There are internal and outdoor playground options. There are an open arena theatre and a state-of-the-art auditorium. The athletic complex consists of a gymnasium with courts, and spaces for ballet, judo, and mixed activities. Learners have weekly classes at the Innovation Commons (the so-called Maker Space) and at the Inspiration Commons (or Library). 

Instead of waiting for other schools to guide the way to the future of education, Escola Concept is leading the way… I want to be part of this journey.

Carlos Nascimento Jr
Head of School Escola Concept Ribeirão Preto




The Salvador campus was planned with a focus on sustainability. This focus began in the planning stages, with the choice of location, the Piatã neighborhood, in the midst of an extensive preserved forest area. The sustainable aspect of the building is translated into many features, one of them being the natural lighting that permeates all levels, including the ground floor.

The learning spaces have flexible furnishings, retractable walls, and modern spaces that give students several opportunities for learning and collaboration. The architectural design was developed to integrate the physical building with digital tools. The Salvador campus is known for its Sensorial Wall, its Digital Gallery, and the Videowall. Technology resources are used to support teaching and learning in meaningful and purposeful ways.

I am very proud to be part of an educational group that invests in change and provides our country with a new inspiration that will certainly leave a legacy: transforming education to transform our world.

Nadja Valente
Head of School Escola Concept Salvador