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About us

Welcome to Escola Concept

Our school is a dynamic and vibrant community where learning is all about unleashing the power of 21st-Century kids. Through Project-Based Learning and other active methodologies, Escola Concept stimulates learners to be curious individuals, seeking real-life world challenges to solve.

Our motto is to nurture confidence in each child to be a doer, a cutting-edge thinker and to have a growth mindset: it means to take responsible risks and to accept failure as part of the process.

Escola Concept wants to instill the love of learning and the joy of life into our children's lives!

How do we do it? By having inspiring educators, who are engaged in a continuous program of Professional Development, and plan classes in collaboration.

Created by Grupo SEB after a long study that involved trips all around the globe, Escola Concept counts with a NETWORK OF EDUCATORS linked to prestigious institutions like Apple, Harvard School of Education, the Government of Finland and the New Zealand Institute for the Habits of Mind.

We are happy to have you here and would like to invite you to learn more about Escola Concept by TAKING A TOUR OF OUR SCHOOLS. There you will be able to observe learning being celebrated as a special occasion every day!

Join us on this journey!

The multi-destination trip inspired us to bring together the most talented group of educational leaders, inspirational educators, and dynamic professionals to welcome your children to a contextualized multidisciplinary learning environment where ideas are translated into outcomes to develop action-oriented projects that will impact our interconnected global society.


The inspiration for such a transformative school started with a plethora of school visits to educational institutions worldwide. Seattle, Los Angeles, Lugano, Helsinki, and Singapore, were some of the locations visited to inspire change in the Brazilian education system.

Each location highlighted a specific aspect of education and what it represented within the context of developing lifelong learners.

Escola Concept Documentary