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A Brief Introduction


Escola CONCEPT is a Brazilian international bilingual school that inspires learners through innovative and creative practices. 

Located in three culturally diverse cities – São Paulo, Salvador, and Ribeirão Preto – Escola Concept welcomes children from Toddlers 1 (1 year)  to Grade 9 - with plans to open our High School in 2021. 

Students learn in a project-based learning environment. The school's program is designed to nurture the dispositions of lifelong learners who collaborate to co-create, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, understand the meaning of living sustainably, and are globally and digitally fluent. 

Escola Concept stimulates learners to be curious, happy and thoughtful individuals, who positively impact the world we live in.

At Escola Concept we nurture confidence in each child and motivate our learners to learn through relevant and meaningful connections.

Priscila Torres Chief Academic Officer

At Escola Concept we nurture confidence in each child and motivate our learners to learn through relevant and meaningful connections.

Priscila Torres Chief Academic Officer


Our Four Pillars



This pillar is about citizenship, making informed decisions about how our actions today will affect our outcomes in the future. It is about environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic conscience. We want our learners to be mindful consumers and producers and to "think locally, but act globally".

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Working together to achieve more, synergizing, and combining strengths to establish and potentialize positive results is the focus of the pillar of collaboration. In Project-Based Learning environments, children need to practice working together, sharing, listening and communicating and understanding with empathy, while persisting through difficult moments, and respecting multiple perspectives and opinions.

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In a digitally connected world, learners need to understand what it means to be responsible users and consumers of technology. Escola Concept believes in using technology as a tool to enhance learning opportunities, access information, and collaborate. In a digital context, the use of technology happens “readily and strategically to learn, to work, and to play." In the context of teaching and learning, “[technology is used] to improve outcomes for all students”. (Saskatchewan Govt.)

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The world seeks doers, makers, and cutting-edge thinkers. Schools need to be places where learners have access to the development of these dispositions. The pillar of entrepreneurship establishes creative and ambitious thinkers who are "innovation ready" and have learned to develop their communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills to help them nurture unconventional talents. This pillar provides learners with insights to create opportunities, ensure social justice, and instill confidence for them to have the ability to possibly invent their own careers.

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Where we are



Escola Concept São Paulo, located in one of the most prominent areas of the city of São Paulo, in the Jardim Europa neighborhood, is the definition of what education reinvented looks like.

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In Ribeirão, the physical space and the digital world are closely connected in this new approach to developing learning.

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The Salvador campus was planned with a focus on sustainability. This focus began in the planning stages, with the choice of location, the Piatã neighborhood, in the midst of an extensive preserved forest area.

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Coming soon


Coming soon


Concept recognizes that children need to learn how to be responsible risk takers, and how to become architects of their journeys while developing their knowledge, skills, and understandings. Our campus offers just the right environment for this to happen - a safe and nurturing setting, where children gain the confidence to dialogue, make decisions, learn through their mistakes, and persist through problems and obstacles.

Kid you'll move mountains! You're off to great places. Today is your day… your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!

Dr. Seuss Children's Author


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